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Magdalena Bay

Most famous for its migrating Gray Whales that spend their winters calving their young in Magdalena Bay, the region also offers amazing fishing in waters that are remote and pristine. Far removed from the thousands that go to fish in Cabo San Lucas or the East Cape, Mag Bay provides some of the best in both in-shore and off-shore big game fly fishing as well as excellent opportunities in kite fishing and standard trolls.

Mag Bay Map

A seasonal portage for El Regalo from October through January, when the winds foment the Sea of Cortez around Los Barriles down to Cabo San Lucas, Magdalena Bay remains comfortably fish-able all winter long. Resting in the leeward side of the steady northern winds that come to Baja in the winter months, the waters here remain mostly calm, being even more so protected by the massive network of mangroves and estuary waters that interlace the region further in shore. 

Larysa in Mag Bay

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