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Cabo San Lucas

Nowhere in the world does sportfishing come to mind like Cabo San Lucas.  The fishing here is simply world-class.  All year round, fishermen come to Cabo San Lucas from all around the world, betting on landing that catch of a lifetime.  You too can have this opportunity!

Our exclusive Cabo sportfishing charters are set up to give you the fishing charter you've been dreaming of - fully loaded, we have boats for almost any group size or to fit almost any budget or time frame.

Blue Marlin


Absolutely. But there's some things you need to know to keep your expenses down and your catch in good condition. First, only hard-sided coolers can be used to transport fish. The fish must be frozen to ensure no spoilage during the trip home, especially if unexpected delays or flight cancellations occur. No ice can be packed in with the fish. It's best to limit your total weight, cooler and fish combined, to less than 50 pounds or you're in for some pretty stiff overweight fees or worse yet, oversized luggage fees.


For processing your fish for the flight home, we recommend Gricelda's Smokehouse in Cabo and the East Cape Smokehouse for folks fishing that area. Either one can filet, vacuum pack and freeze your catch plus both offer smoking services as well. You'll pick up your catch the day of your departure. Pack it in your cooler and head to the airport. Once you've cleared the check-in process, the agents will let you seal up your cooler with duct tape to prevent leakage and keep your catch safely enclosed and cold for the trip home. Make sure you bring your own tape as the airport may not have any available. If your cooler isn't full, pack some of your dirty clothes on top of your fish for extra insulation.

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