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April 20, 2019

By Fish Talk Radio
Special Deal from Snowbee for FTH Listeners

John and Frank talk about the special deal that Snowbee USA is giving FTH listeners. Plus, we're getting ready for our trip to Alaska at the end of July. Contact John for all the details: [email protected].  Or get more info at

The show gets underway with Steve Lynch, co-owner of Pro-Cure. Steve helps us understand how fish pick up scents and how Pro-Cure works in murky and even dark water. Here's their web site:

Our next guest is Mark Wilde out of St. Albans, VT. Mark runs Uncle Jammer's Fly Fishing Guide Service. He especially loves teaching fly fishing and witnessing first time experiences of his clients. We discuss everything from trout to maple syrup. Learn more at

We get Bill Varney on the phone. Bill is a surf fishing instructor from Los Alamitos, CA. He's written a book about surf fishing and he even has his own line of surf rods. Bill has some great tips on how to read beach sand and beach water to find the fish. Check out

We wrap it up with our buddy Frank Burr from Snowbee-USA.  When Fish Hunt Talk listeners order Snowbee equipment you get a 20% discount if you use the code word FISHTALK. Go to

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