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April 28, 2018

By Fish Talk Radio

Hour One

Host John Henigin and Co-Host Frank Selby open hour one with "The Fish Whisperer" Mike Strole. Mike has some great tips on clear water fishing including the use of submerged fluorescent bulbs to attract fish. Find out more at

Up next is Don Iovino who was actually fishing out on Lake Pyramid. Don is known as the Godfather of Finesse Fishing. He gives us the four most important things to know about bass fishing. You can contact Don at

Hour one wraps up with Frank Addington, known as "The Aspirin Buster." Frank is a professional archer and exhibition shooter. He can shoot an aspirin out of the air with his bow and arrow behind his back. Wow! Check out

And be sure to visit Frank Selby's His and Her Fly Fishing Shop in Newport Beach, California. His web site is

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Hour Two

John and Frank open hour two with Andrew Hard with the Freedom Boat Club. It's the hassle-free alternative to boat ownership with 150 locations across the country. Such a cool concept. All the details at

Our next guest is Terrill with High Seas Trading Company. All of their aloha shirts and apparel are California made since 1988. Terrill has some super tips on how to spot quality workmanship. Visit their site at

Hour two wraps up with Steve Lynch, co-owner of PRO-CURE out of Portland, Oregon. Steve has some excellent ideas on the use of brine to cure baits. Definitely worth a visit to their web site at

And don't forget, we've partnered with Mystery Tackle Box to get you all a great deal. Use the promo code FISHTALK for $10.00 off your first subscription. Visit to learn more and subscribe.

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