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February 3, 2018

By Fish Talk Radio
Hour One
John Henigin and Co-Host Frank Selby welcome Gracie from Dream Maker Charter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Gracie operates Gricelda's Smokehouse, the only licensed smokehouse in Cabo. Find out more at
Up next is Scott Brown with Chrysler Motors. Scott talks about the new 2018 incredible RAM trucks, Jeeps, Alpha Romeos and Fiats.
Finishing up hour one is Bart Larmouth from Ross Reels. Ross makes the best performing reels in the business. Check out

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Hour two

John Prochnow with Berkley Fishing opens hour two. John talks about Berkley's amazing scented baits. Go to
Next, John Henigin and Co-Host Frank Selby bring in Dave Jacobs. Dave is a fishing guide in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Contact Dave at
Our final guest is Andrew Hard from The Freedom Boat Club in Huntington Beach, CA. Andrew describes how you can enjoy boating and fishing without any ownership hassles. Get all the details

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