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February 9, 2019

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In The Middle Of Nowhere, 

All That Digital Noise Just Seems...Like Noise

You can make your Valentine's Day flower shopping easy by going to  Just pick out the flowers you like and The Bouqs Co. will do the rest.

Our first guest is John Marriott from SoftScience Shoes. SoftScience makes the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear! Go to their web site, order a pair and "feel" for yourself:

Next we head to Taos, New Mexico to chat with Emily Roley. Emily learned to fly fish in Tennessee. She currently guides with The Taos Fly Shop. Learn about Emily's journey at  And don't miss her beautiful YouTube video:

We track down Landon Mayer in Colorado. Landon is an author, a speaker, a teacher, a fly tyer and he's been guiding in Colorado full time on the South Platte River for the last 20 years. His new book is called "The Hunt for Giant Trout." Check out

Our final guest is Frank Burr with Snowbee USA. If you're looking to get into fly fishing or if you need to buy some new equipment make Snowbee USA your first stop. They carry everything you'll need at very affordable prices. And don't miss the new Nivalis Down Jacket.

Download Hour One Here

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February 2, 2019

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The Alaskan RV Butler and The Fish Hook Professor

We get started with our old friend Mike The Alaskan RV Butler.
Mike basically operates a mobile lodge.  You go where the action is and he provides everything.  Plus, in this segment, he offers our listeners a very special deal.  Check out

Up next we talk ice fishing with Steve "Zippy" Dahl.  He owns and operates Perch Patrol Guide Service and fishes out of Devils Lake, North Dakota. Zippy targets Northern Pike, Walleye and Jumbo Perch.  Cool photos at

In our last segment we bring back Matt Swainbank with Mustad hooks. Today, one in four hooks in the world is made by Mustad.

The last time we had Mike on we got hundreds of emails asking that we get Mike on the show again. He's like a fish hook college professor.  Worth a visit:

Download Hour One Here

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January 26, 2019

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Fishing from The Keys to El Salto

To open the show we head out to Big Pine Key, Florida to touch base with Captain Brandon Henley. He runs Florida Keys Fly Fishing. Brandon says "if saltwater fly fishing were a football game, the Florida Keys and Key West would be the Superbowl." You gotta check out his web site and plan a trip:

Next we hear from Brandon Wesselink with Thresher Boats. Thresher Boats makes quality, affordable fishing boats. Brandon let's us know about their new Thresher 22 "Pilot House" coming out in March. You'll enjoy their web site: And Brandon has some sweet deals for Fish Hunt Talk Radio listeners.

We get Jason Grupp back on the show. Jason is based in California's Santa Ynez Valley. He talks about the two private trout lakes that he operates. He also runs Break Water Tours offering trips to places like Mexico and Belize. Great guy and a neat web site: ttp://

Frank Burr from Snowbee-USA joins us. We track him down at the Fly Fishing Show in Edison, New Jersey. Snowbee offers world-famous fly fishing products that make fly fishing affordable for everyone. Do some shopping at

Download Hour One Here

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Jaanuary 19, 2019

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Cool Cars, Florida Fishing and Quality Hooks

John and Frank kick off the show with Scott Brown, the West Region PR Manager for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Scott is just back from the Detroit Auto Show and The Consumer Electronics Show. So much happening in the auto industry these days. Really interesting segment.

Next we check in with Captain Jason Wightman out of Holmes Beach, FL. Captain Jason is a full-time fishing guide at Grande Tarpon Charters. From back country to offshore and from trout to tarpon, Jason uses his experience to put client on fish. Check out

Our next segment features Matt Swainbank and Reid McKinstry from Mustad. Mustad is the best-selling hook brand in the world. Matt and Reid give us an incredible lesson on hooks. Worth a listen for sure. Great info at

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January 12, 2019

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From Arkansas Trout to Satellite Imagery for Anglers

Frank and John open the show with Donald Cranor out of Gassville, Arkansas. Don runs Cranor's Guide Service. He says if you don’t catch trout when you fish with him, he'll refund 100% of your trip cost! Go to

Jeff Peck joins us out of Newport Beach, California. Jeff operates Anglers Center. Since opening their doors in 1958, Anglers Center has been a fixture on the Southern California saltwater fishing scene. Neat web site at

We get Jason Gammon on the phone from Terrafin Sea Surface Temperature Charts. They process customized SST and Chlorophyll charts for over 200 regions in the Continental U.S., Hawaii, Mexico and Central America. More about this cool fishing tool at

Our final guest for this episode is our buddy Frank Burr with Snowbee USA. Snowbee's aim is to equip the progressive, modern-day angler from head to toe, with affordable, top quality clothing, tackle, and accessories. Great info on Instagram and Facebook or go to

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January 05, 2019

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From CHIRP Sonar to Ladder Fishing

Our first guest is Steve Hamber, Sales Manager for Navico Marine Electronics. We discuss everything from CHIRP Sonar to Broadband Radar. Steve really knows his stuff. Great instructional videos at

Next we track down Bob Semerau, Western Outdoor News field reporter. We talk about ladder fishing at Pyramid Lake and Bob fills us in on some upcoming charters he'll be leading. Check out all the events sponsored by Western Outdoor News at  http//

John Marriott stops by for a visit. He's the CEO of SoftScience comfort footwear. SoftScience has some new styles on their web site. They're a bit dressier and still super comfortable. Order yours at We absolutely love our SoftScience Shoes.

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December 29, 2018

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Five Percent of the Anglers Catch Ninety-Five Percent of the Fish

John Henigin and Frank Selby get us started with a reminder about our fishing trip to Alaska in July. These trips sell out fast so if you'd like to join us, make your reservations soon.  Check out

We get Patrick Foy on the phone. Patrick is a Captain with the Law Enforcement Division of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. We talk about the importance of habitat and how to protect wildlife. And we cover duck and geese hunting and even sturgeon fishing. Great info at

Our friend Frank Burr from Snowbee USA joins us next. We discuss the success and growth of fly fishing and why it's so much fun. Plus, Snowbee has some very affordable equipment coming out after the first of the year. Keep an eye on their website at

We wrap it up with Alan Lande out of Whistler, British Columbia. Alan runs Whistler's Best. Whistler's Best can direct you to a fantastic place to stay and they can get you connected with any winter activity you'd like. Start planning your trip at

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December 22, 2018

in Fish Talk Radio Shows

Our Conservation Show

How Are We Doing And What Can We Do Better?

Our first guest is Cindy Nobel with Trout Unlimited. Trout Unlimited devotes its time to community outreach, education related efforts and resource conservation projects. There's a chapter of Trout Ulimited in every state. More info at

Up next its Tom Raftican, President of the Sportfishing Conservancy. The mission of the Sportfishing Conservancy is to empower sportsmen to fulfill and celebrate their commitment to their sport and to real world conservation. Check out their programs at

We get Bill Shedd on the phone. Bill is the owner and CEO of AFTCO. Every year since 1973, AFTCO and the Shedd family have contributed more than 10% of company profits to help protect our resources and ensure a sustainable fishery for future generations.  More details and great clothing at

Finally, we check in with John Marriott, CEO of SoftScience Footwear. SoftScience is committed to delivering comfortable shoes and functional footwear options for both men and women. All the new styles are on their web site at

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December 15, 2018

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Revisiting Custom Nets and Costa Rica

We kick off the show with Joel Cline out of Bishop, California. He's not only an expert angler and guide, he also handmakes custom fishing nets. Joel's Sierra Net Company creates the finest quality nets so there's no way the big one will ever get away. Place your order at

Next we head out to the Montauk at the far eastern end of Long Island, New York to chat with Charter Captain Paul Dixon. Paul specializes in saltwater fly fishing trips for Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore & Bluefin Tuna. Plus he also guides in the Florida Keys. All the details

Our final guest for this episode is Mark Sydney from San José, Costa Rica. Mark runs Americana Sport Fishing and he gives us a great overview of beautiful Costa Rica. We discuss everything from in shore and off shore fishing to dancing at Castro's Bar. Let Mark put together a trip for you at

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December 8, 2018

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From Wrapping Rods to Fishing the Galapagos 

We get the show rolling with Danny Kadota and Gary Loomis. 

Danny's involved with H&M Landing out of San Diego. H&M Landing is the West Coast’s oldest, most experienced Sportfishing company. Check out

Gary became famous with his G.Loomis fishing rods. His new company is called EDGE RODS. Cool web site at EDGE RODS are the epitome of performance fishing rods. 

Up next it's Michael Crosier with Galapagos Sport Fishing. If you've ever wanted to take a fishing trip to the Galapagos Islands, Captain Crosier is your man.  All the details at

We close it out with our buddy Frank Burr from Snowbee USA. Snowbee offers the very best fly fishing products at an affordable price. Stop by and do some Christmas shopping!

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