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Frank SelbyFrank has fished freshwater starting as a child and saltwater most of the world and enjoyed every moment, but favorite places are still here in the USA. Frank has been featured in numerous magazine articles and has appeared on Blind Date and California Fishing Journals. He is an IFF Certified Caster Instructor, has worked with Fish and Game, Fishing in the City, numerous boys homes and clubs, Boy Scouts and Indian Guides.

Frank has lectured at Sporting Good Shows, FFF Clubs and is the featured caster and instructor at the Fred Hall Show, the largest recreational show in the world. He has taught many sports figures: Hockey's Gee Hebert, baseball's Brett Maine and Jim Abbott, as well as actor Martin Millner. Frank Selby is the owner of His and Her Fly Fishing Shop in Newport Beach CA

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Rare King Salmon in Santa Barbara CA with John Henigin

Rare King Salmon in Santa Barbara CA with John Henigin

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